Monday, June 07, 2010

Digi Break Free Party @ Ecoba

On 25th, I received an email from Nuffnang that I’ve been selected to be one of the Villain and Prisoners Digi Break Free Party. Owh, Thanks to Nuffnang for inviting me [smile]. I’d confirmed my attendances on the next day. But what should I wear on the party to be part of the Villain and Prisoners people. I’m short of time and I’m so excited to go to Ecoba, Damansara perdana.

Ah Long Bukit Beruntung and former Petaling Street Pirated VCD Taiko [Ex-Bapak Ayam]

Since it was a very busy week, so I just mix and match for what I had. So here I am, I was like, what was me actually? So I really don’t know, can I tell you that I am “Ah Long Bukit Beruntung” or “Petaling Street Pirated VCD Taiko” based on that attire. But I don’t have much time to order the name tag. [I wish I could find a name tag “Bapak Ayam”]

The prisoner

Me and the police officer [very sexy]

I were caught an put in prison

I came about 6.00pm and it was very rainy day in the afternoon. I was accompanied by my friend, Saiful Azhari [He is a blogger as well] and first thing we need to do was register ourselves. They divided us onto few groups such as Chicanos, Petaling Street Taiko, Alpakcikno etc. When first we register, the ‘police’ at the counter give us Chicanos Team, but the place was at the bar, we ask their permission to change our group [It is not nice to me to be in front of the beer pipe.] Thanks to the committee who understand the situation. So they give us, Brooklyn Bloods as our team.[We don’t have blood externally-LOL]

Souvenir when we register

Some people wait for their registration

Some people busy taking photo

So the team consist of Me, Saiful and we get to know each other on the team. The teammates was very friendly actually. Jamie accompany by her mother, Yvonne. Shukri came all alone from setapak. Daphne the cutest blogger and her sister, Denise [OMG, both of them are underage] last but not least, hot prisoner mama, Yus and Ina.

My team-Brooklyn bloods

Jamie [Left] and Syukri

Me, With Yus [Left] and Ina [Middle]

From left, Saiful, Yus and Ina

From Left: Me, Denise and Daphne [She's cute, sure you'll be pretty like Daphne Iking one day]

Me with Yvone

So we get to know each other before the party started and we had so much fun by taking pictures and exchanging blog url. While chit-chatting, the emcee for that night, Ms. Julie Woon approach our group and had few conversation with us and ask us about our attire. She was cool and pretty as well. She ask us to take part for the game and we promise to take part. [Got game meh? Sure fun]. So take some picture with others while our face still have a lot of energy.

Feel so sorry for her

Then the party started off with the emcee for the night, Ms. Julie Woon go up on the stage tied up with big chain and six locks all over her body. We were ask to find the unlocked combination code outside the Ecoba Bar. So we are all go out from the bar and hunting for the code. I couldn’t find even a single code [Sorry team]. It was fun while hunting for the code [With a show by fire lady]

Looking for the combination code

The fire lady

Finally she's been release

The emcee, Ms. Julie Woon

The food for the night

People getting busy with the party

The party started with a warm welcome by the emcee and we are getting more excited. The party become more and more hot.[I can see some familiar faces around the corner]

So the next thing we need to do was sending one representative from each team as the leader of the team to come out to the stage and they were ask to give their IC and RM36 as an exchange with a blackberry for security reason. [I don’t know what model was that-LOL] and the blackberry will be used for the next game.

Busy with challenge discussion

The next game was, we need to do three challenges that were send to the blackberry by twitter [I never used twitter- Outdated LOL]. So the challenge were
Challenge 1: We were ask to do cheer for the group by using the words Digi, Smartplan, freedom
Challenge 2: We need to beg for our mercy
Challenge 3: We need to do prison exercise.
This is the tough one and we all do it with a lot of enjoyment. All the participant took parts and enjoy the other performances for the challenges. Anyway we didn’t win. The winner was Chicanos [so regret for changing our team.]

Shane from Velocity

The team momentum Performance

Suddenly, a girl screaming and we don’t know what happen. Actually it was from the reality show, break free and it was a performance by Momentum Team and the most exciting part was the performance by the team Velocity. I’m really impress about their performance and they pull the crowd to join them and have fun with them as they bring some of the guess to the stage to join the rap with them. They will be a big entertainer soon. Good luck as I cast one vote for velocity. The judge for that night for both of them was Deborah Henry. She’s damn pretty man. [I’m so sad as I don’t have the opportunity to take picture with her].

Miss Deborah Henry [Former Beauty Queen]

The event continue with the best dress and they selected 12 best dresses [I didn’t selected] and they are very sporting and the audience are very supportive. We as the audience were given the chance to choose the winner and we choose Cruella [Character from the movie 101 Dalmation]. She’s damn gorgeous on that night.

The finalist for best dress award

And finally, they selected the best pre-party blog entries and I couldn’t listen to the winner names. So congratulation to you girls. We going back with a lot of fun and excitement. So do you still think that your plan was smart enough, so think twice. Digi was the best plan in town currently.

Enjoy some of the picture taken for the night. Till then, see you on the other party. We will miss this kind of party ever.

He wanted to kill the other prisoner

Me with Helena

Me with Ernie Khong

Me with Cik Lily Putih [She said my face similar with Maulana AF8 *sight]

The Villian

The villian and featuring another villian

Help! Help! The vampire getting wild over here

The hot mama's

With Mr Darkbatman

The prison lab

The police


mama tisya said...

kemain masing2 ngan costume yg pelbagai...bila ciklily ckp muka kamu mcm maulana..ku br perasan gk..mayb sebab style kamu berpakaian camni kot

atty's said...

owh .besh nya el dpt join party tu ...
ye lah bila cik lily ckp el mcm maulana af..baru kty pasan..betui lah ..

oli said...

sangat happening lor!!!

[-suziey-] said...

wooooo seb bek aku xjoin..hiks..tau dh msti cenggini partynya..lg 1 maleh nk buat n3..ekeke;P ko xmenang ape2 ke..slalu ko ler bertuah

Mommyyus said... name YUS lah bukan Ina.waaa..menci! UR yus sebenarnye Ogy, & Ina adalah saya(YUS). Nice entry..Gud Luck beb! Harapan utk menang tinggi ni..

mR.sYaH said...

nilah entri yg dlm english tukan.. mmg panjang.. dahlah english den lomah.. hahha...

happy betul tgk kat sana..

||| PöJìé PööH ||| said...

Ah Long, bapak ayam, sesuai la luuu walaupun muka jambu cam Maulana..
Hahaha xleh blah siot!

hans said...

aku juga tak ada peluang dan masa

Eazy Izzuddin said...

nice! n very interesting

El-Zaffril said...

Kak Aimi: Kalau botak ade orang cakap macam mawi... camne tu... dulu ade orang cakap macam yusry kru... celah mana ntah

El-Zaffril said...

Kak Ty: Hua hua hua... pelik la... serius ke... Kak Aimi... serius ke? Ni yang terasa nak nyanyi lagu Jazz ni

El-Zaffril said...

Suziey: Tak ada cabutan bertuah... entry aku tak mantap... baju pun tak secantik Cruella... so memang tak bertuah hari tu

El-Zaffril said...

Oli: kenapa u tak join

El-Zaffril said...

Yus: Sorry la... terkonpius... hahahahhaha

El-Zaffril said...

Syah: main tibai je tulis... Hancossss

El-Zaffril said...

Pojie: gigi I lagi cantik dari maulana yer... sekian

El-Zaffril said...

Hans: nanti ada la peluang tu... don worry

El-Zaffril said...

Eazy: Awat la tak join?