Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Bank Itu S*CK - Episode 4

Why auto-finance don't have their own customer service? And why your customer service cannot do auto-finance thing? Don't you see the needs for both?

Ok... never mind for that, I want to pay my hire purchase loan via online payment and the account still blocked even I've done settlement for the outstanding. I ask 2 times at the branch (Ampang point) "have u unbarred my hire purchase account?", She said yes.. Oh My GOD... I'm so pissed off when she'd done nothing and only for the next payment I realize this... and I'm so pissed off when your customer service cannot do anything. Hey, why it cannot be auto unblocked. I've made full settlement already and because of this, I have to face another outstanding. Oh man, and I have to waste my time to go to the branch just to settle this.

The best bank in malaysia have the worse customer service. *sigh

Nota kaki: Aku submit complaint ni on 28hb dengan mengharapkan ada la orang autofinance boleh membantu. Tapi nan adooo... hampeh

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