Friday, February 29, 2008

How far I want to go in this wonderfull world...

Today when I woke up. I realize I always do the same thing each everyday. I start thinking that, How bored my life I've been through. But I know, its faith. For thing to change I must change first.
So I decided to further my study. I want to continue my Master degree. I'm not sure what to take. I still considering few courses. Most probably I will further in engineering courses.
Tomorrow, there is open day at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). I planned to go with Ina, one of my good friend. So we have some discussion over the phone on what courses should we apply. So I end up with
  • Master in Electronics Engineering
  • Master in Innovation and Engineering design
  • Master in Intrumentation Engineering
  • Master in Engineering Management

Hope I made it in at least one courses. But I really want the Innovation and Engineering Design. Hope I can score perfect 4. I don't want to repeat the same mistake once again.

So with that, wish me luck and thank you for reading this.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Why I still single even though I almost 26

Copy all of this from

My brother is 3 years older than me. He is going to be 26 this year but he doesnt act like one. hahaha He is a really nice and sweet person actually. We have been close since i remember. We like to do silly stuff. So this post is dedicated to him because i miss him. Neway, he emailed me a song by Azalina Aziz, titled Wajahmu Di Mana-mana. He sang that song to me at KLIA before i took off for Wellington and said "nnt ko igt Husna kat welly ko nyanyi la lagu nih"...and i replied "cheh!!!"

This is the thing I should reply

My sister is 3 years younger than me. she's going to be 23 this year. She's already engaged. Don't ever try to flirt on her. Its only for Mohd Husna. Or else I kill the others. So crazy I am. Lets continue about my sister. We like to do silly stuff even we are already 20 plus. Even she just 23, she is more matured than me, more brilliant than me everything are more than me. Sometimes I got jealous because what has given to her. Hope to be like her on that side. She still win on this ever since I remember. Funny, I cannot stand much longer to laugh when I say this. She is much much more katik than me. Wakakakkakakakka. But what ever she do, what ever happen, even she katik, I love her since she was born. Frankly speaking, I cried when the day she want to leave Malaysia for the first time. If she heard my shout out loud, I would like to say in a very loud voice "Adik!!!, I miss you la"

I still remember when she was in standard 1, 1 boy shouted to her "Natasah, I Love you". Finally they end up as a friend. Good friend. With this I attached some photo taken on me, her and mohd.

The latest of me

Tired but kene la control macho

The unusual on both of us

Me with the other half of her

Most people say we are not look alike

But we act alike

Some other crazy stuff

Why I love her so much because of this

I always happy when I'm with her

But don't worry, we always act like one

Hidup Tanpa Cinta Umpama Hidup Tanpa Cita-Cita


Huyooo. Tiba-tiba pagi ni keluar topic macam ni plak. Any idea on this topic. I got this from one of my senior in MMU, Mr. Azlan. This quote belong to him actually. And I think this is really good topic to discuss about.

Don't know where to start. Suddently rasa geli geleman seluruh badan nak discuss pasal benda jiwang2 ni. Better to tell story all about me. Today is 26, I haven't finish all my job for this month. Damn, late already. I shoulh finish all my stuff before this Friday, not sure wether I can make it or not.

Hurm... Blog ni tak punye arah dan hala tuju lagi... so I'm sorry to all viewer. Recent topic is so bad. Give me some idea please so I can start work out on something.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday Saturday Saturday


Today is saturday. I have no idea what to do. If I go to work, damn. so bored. I think much more better I sleep at home and get some rest. and you want to know what happen to these few day.

On that Wednesday morning, I went to the Insurance office at PJ. As usual, I'm doing dial for appointment through the whole week. I need to do this as my routine so I can built up my client based as soon as possible and I can do servicing as well.

On the afternoon. I went back to my hometown. Really tiring for a long journey. Then on the next day, I'm heading back to KL. Send my sister to KLIA. Miss her so much. Hahaha

yesterday I got interview at PJ. I don't really think I want that job. Really stress. The MD is so bad. Hahaha. Never mind, I look for another one.

Well. Today, Don't even know what to do. Maybe go shopping. Even no money. hahahha. So lets go window shopping.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Long Journey Start With The First Step

Assalamualaikum to all viewer,

It has been long time that I never update my blog. If I'm not mistaken since January 2007. And now its already February 2008. I break my promise to everyone. Sorry, i really didn't mean it. I was really busy at the moment. But now I take a break for a quick refreshment.

What happen to me for almost one year. Nothing happen actually. Its just I really need to give a 200% commitment towards my job. Its a bit tough. But its worth. Doing 2 jobs at a time just like killing 2 birds with 1 arrow.

I don't know where to start. Ok. I think I should left behind all 2007 memories. I should start with 2008.

Started just 2 months. My sister got engaged during Chinese New Year. But then I still single and so available. (laugh) Available la sangat. Tapi still ok la. As long as I'm happy. Anyway congratulation to my sis.

I just received my car key. The 1st car that I always dream of. I don't have the picture at the moment. So I upload later la ok. I cannot wait to post a lot things. Arghhh... I always break my promise. Kali ni memang betul2 janji ok.

I'm looking for another job actually. Dah bosan keje sekarang ni. Any idea? Help me if anyone now if there is a vacant.

This friday I got job interview. Wish me luck. I have to move today. update later dude. So See yah on next posting. Ok... enjoy