Friday, July 25, 2008

Speeding Vs Rempiting (Episod: Surat Untuk Toyota)

Dear Toyota Team,

I had an accident 29th June 2008.

After doing all the report, I've decided to send my car to toyota PJ syek 19 on 1st July 2008, as they have all the facilities needed.

I was supervise by Mr Zul. He advise me to change all the damage part that come to my satisfactory in term of advise and also the service.

On 11th July 2008, I received a call from Mr Zul. Telling me that they are running out of spare part on their storage. I accept it as uncertainty for thing that unplanned.

On 17th July I come over to Toyota PJ syek 19 to visit and take a look what has been done and submitting some document for claiming purpose. After submitting all the document I ask about my car progress as it has been more than half a month there. He said they already received the parts (not sure when they received it) but the car haven't gone through any process yet.

On 22nd July I received a call from Mr Zul saying that my car is ready for delivered back to me, unfortunately I'm so busy lately so I cannot take the car on that day. So I make an appointment the following day.

On 23rd July, I come over to take my car. I do check few thing which come to my satisfactory even the duration is something unplanned, I still can accept it.

So now, I'm waiting for a letter for the purpose of claiming "elaun kesusahan" to claim the 3rd party insurance who bang my car. As per record, the car took only 7 days for repair but 15 days for waiting parts. Mr Zul told me that I can only claim for 7 days only. I can accept it. At least something than nothing at all. Now I'm waiting for his call when the letter is ready.

With this feedback, I want to say thank you for giving me the service, advise and also repairing my car. To Mr Zul, Thanks for your good advise and services. To all the repair team, thanks for repairing my car and doing all the job. Thank you.

My Bee Owner

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