Saturday, July 19, 2008

Speeding Vs Rempiting (episod: jangan saman saya , saya budak baik)

Lampu merah... (Sempat plak amek gambar tu)

Ni stop jap merempit, nak amek gambar... Nak reply sms

Is there any term rempiting. I'm not sure, but for sure I was the one who are really addicted with rempiting. Seronok siol merempit. Actually I just want to share some info with you. If you are on your way back to KL from north and using Kuala Selangor, Sabak Bernam road, Just be careful with speed trap over there. Some of you might wonder when they get their summons in the postbox and say "Where the hell the police are hiding".

Good thing when I use that road in May, I slow don my vehicle. Actually I'm looking for corn in a cup and drink, end up with nothing. But figuring out on something. Which is where the police are hiding. So please beware when you are using the road and please make sure you drive according to the speed limit. So the picture belows show the police. So enjoy...

Bang, hari tu ade estima putih pompuan yang bawak. Macam harem tau bang dia bawak, amek plate number kete dia. Saya suke kalau abg saman dia. Jangan saman saya ye bang, saya budak baik

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