Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Hye viewers. My name is El-Zaffril. You can call me Zaff. I was born on 23rd Ramadhan 1402. I'm the sixth in the family out of seven.

How to describe myself? hurm... I don't really have an idea on it. But I see myself as a very simple person in everything and anything. One of my friend say that I'm very selective. Do I? Not pretty sure on that. maybe and maybe not.

I was a kampung boy born. Actually I'm from Batu Pahat, Johor. Yes, I'm not Malay. I'm Javanese. Some people say that being a kampung boy used to be some kind of naive, humble and down to earth. But don't judge the book by it's cover. Some of them are worst or even myself.

I love myself as the way i am now. I love the way I want to be. Being such a young man is still a long way to go. I love what had been given to me since I was born. I believe that, what ever happen, gift and any faith, there's a reason on it. Frankly speaking, everything is perfect. Dude, what goes around comes around and what ever goes up must goes down.

For me, love is something towards feeling. When we feel that we have meet the person which we miss a lot, we get jealous, we try to look and meet them everyday, actually you are in love with them. Everyone should have one, and you will find them one day. I haven't found mine. I used to find few, but it was never meant to be and I just have to let them go.

"Cuma Saya Betul-Betul Berharap Dia Takkan Sampai Hati Melukakan, Sebab Saya Takkan Sanggup Mengenang Hari-Hari Yang Dia Pernah Buat Saya Tersenyum"

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