Friday, July 25, 2008

Speeding Vs Rempiting (Episod: Aku Tak Suke Last Minute Macam Ni)

Dear Students,

We are pleased to inform you that Faculty Engineering will conduct a New Students Briefing Session First Semester 2008/2009 Intake.

The venue are as follow:

Date:25 July 2008
Place:Auditorium Jurutera

2.45pm: Registration
3.00pm: Briefing on Safety Procedures by the Deputy Dean (Development and Finance)
3.45pm: Briefing for new post graduate students by the Deputy Dean (Research and Post Graduate Studies)
4.15pm: Questions and Answers Session
4.45pm: Refreshments

Attendance are compulsory to those who don’t have any classes and it will be recorded. For further information, don’t feel hesitate to contact us at Deputy Dean Research and Graduate Office at Level 2.

P/s: Aku cukup bengang dengan last minit call up macam ni. Hurm, aku dapat email ni semalam and expecting me to come over. Hurm, aku rasa aku tak pegi la kot. Something that I planned earlier need to be settle down. Plus, kalau ikutkan aku ade kelas petang ni. Aku tak suke cara bekerja macam ni. Sorry to say 0 star out of 5 stars

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