Saturday, January 03, 2009

Try this if you are skinny

Last night, I have a simple chat with my friend. No need to tell the name. It were our secret. I'm telling him that I haven't eat any single rice since the morning. At it was already 9.00pm at that night.

On diet, what a shame. A skinny guy like me are on diet program. But frankly speaking. There's one time I really wanted to put on weight, and suddenly my wish granted. It was super when I gain my weight about 12kg. You want to know my tips?

Actually I share with him my tips. During my undergrads, most of my friends (same age with me) putting on weight on quite big numbers of kg. But, I'm still the same since my secondary school. I eat a lot but I don't know why if was never meant to be apart of my body but just throw it into the toilet bowl (you know what I meant).

I put a determination to put on weight as far as I can.

I have a conversation with MMU Bagai's member. The name... Hehe secret. So he told me.
"Why baby were so cute? Because he drink milk. Why married man put on weight a lot especially the tummy? Because they drink milk." From him.

"What kind of milk?" I'm so curious

"Think of it" (LOL)

But it makes sense. But I'm still young at that time. So I decided just to put on weight without getting married. So I try a first milk. But it doesn't work. I keep on going to the toilet. So I change to dutch lady milk powder. And it was superb man. I put on weight about 3kg for about 1 weeks. That's my tips. And almost 10kg after 2 month.

After you gain few kg. So u should tone up your body. So you'll get a beautiful muscle. But its all depend on you. I drink milk 3 times a day. That's why it goes up and never go down.

The powder milk

The UHT milk

But if you were drinking of UHT milk, I'm not sure it will work or not. But better you try powder milk, it was cheaper to compare with the UHT milk. Even not for your weight, at least for your bone. You have years to live am I right?

Some idea, when you drink a UHT milk, sure you keep in refrigerator. While when you drink a powder milk, you drink it with hot water or warm water. I think there is a different impact on both. Does it make sense?

Notes: I'm not the official spokesperson, I just share with you. I'm sorry if my english were so bad. I try to improve it day by day.


Hanya Aku Sorang said...

kecik2 aku minum susu cap gantung jer... eh bukan, susu cap junjung... ngeeeee... ;P

myZone | When Anuar opens to public said...

el duta cucu! kikiki :p