Saturday, January 03, 2009

Memories: A Walk To Remember

Memories strikes in all the time and day by day. I wish that I could turn back time and walk through all the nicest and sweetest memories one again. But Allah was so fair. He give us a chance which we use it wisely.

Along the way of my life, one thing I can't forget was during my undergrad where I have to rent a house and live all by myself. This was how I learned to stand on my feet. Learn how to survive in this challenging world.

These picture where my housemate during my undergrads. Wow, such a long time. These picture taken during our lunch at Pizza Hut, If I'm not mistaken before Bario moved to the hostel. During my second year I guess. It was a long journey yet now I realized that was to short.

But life was so much fun and full of surprises. It was never meant to be sad. So live your life to the fullest dude. So that you can taste the sweetest of your life.

While waiting for the piza

One snap again (Like I'm the one most excited)

The six of us
Clockwise: Faizal, Bario, Hazimin, Gb, Me and Adi

Notes: I'm looking for a book, 'A walk to remember'. Bought that one for quite sometimes, haven't finish reading. What a slow reader. Hehehe

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