Friday, January 02, 2009

Graduation Night 2004

It was a meaningful night and I'm so touch of it. Sad in happy mood. When all the batch of MMU year 2000 decided to have a farewell dinner, I'm the one whose happy with it and even bought the ticket. Attended by 200 friends, it was amazing night handle by Ezran as the director.

The organizing committee decided to have a pool side dinner. Such an amazing idea. It was held at Century Mahkota Hotel. It was a touchful night. Here are some picture taken.

My click during undergrad
Stand from left: Adi, Emon, Azie, Anas
Sitting from left: Me, Kinah, Faizal

Some of the guys
Stand form left: Me, Bario, Emon, Shah
Sitting from left: Sham, Faizal, Halim, Khairul

With the ladies, The sweetest Kak Shima (Left)
and the nicest Nana

The metro guy, Bug

I should kill you Faizal, but before that
you must kill Zulfaezal first (joke)

Some of them were crying during graduation song by Vitamin C, feel like everything is over for all the fun we had. But it is not. The fun continue with a lot of challenging thing that come across towards our successfull career. Am I right.

I were ask by Ezran to sing a song that night, So as requested, I sang Sonata Musim Salju by Hazami. But no video captured, sorry readers. Hehehe

Notes: I wish I can crop the fat ass face. Sure look weird...


Mr. azmie said...

Graduation Night 2004 baru mskkan dlm 2009 ker..heheheh

||| PöJìé PööH ||| said...

wah el ada wamboott!

Anonymous said...

I hate one of those pictures.. Arggh.. lain kali tak mau tukar stylelah... forever hate that picture.... benci benci.... hehehehehe....;p kelakar pulak biler tgk gambar2 lama nie...huhuuuh