Friday, January 02, 2009


I don't even know why, lately I keep on dreaming of being a father. Last night I dream again about a young baby. My kids? I'm not sure about that. It is just a dream of a boy baby. I do take care of him and changing his diapers. I'm a father? or I'm the father? I'm not sure. What I know is I just took care of the baby. So sweet of me.

Hahaha, This morning my supervisor were not in. Yeahaaa. But it doesn't mean that I have to sit and do nothing. i have to come out with superb idea. Hurm

Lunch at 3.00pm with a cup of maggi was not good for your health. But trust me, its worth if you are so hungry. With a cup of hot choc. Pergh, it was superb. I'm superb busy man, other than lazy that always cross all the time.

Notes: Calculating the budget for my project, don't even have any idea how much it cost. But I know, its worth.

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Anonymous said...

Wish u gud luck 4 ur life. may god grant u marry with the loved one. =P