Monday, January 05, 2009

Accident and Insurans

Some people might not know that I had an accident last year. Twice actually. The first one is on the 29th June 2008 at 3.30pm Kajang Exit Plus Highway. The second one is on 20th of November 2008 at 5.30pm at Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, in fron of Ampang Park.

On that day, I'm on my way from Amanah Raya Building, heading back to the campus. I'm having a seminar during that day with National Instrument. Its finish about 5.00pm. Before the seminar, I have a strange feeling that, instead of driving my car, I should just used park my car and use public transport.

But my friend ask me to just drive because its more convinient and easier. So I didn't follow, my heart feeling.

On my way back. There were very heavy traffic. As usual, KL during peak time. So I'm driving on my lane. Suddently one Mitshubishi storm changing lane in sudden. I cannot do anything because it was already on my right side.

Due to that accident, my car damage from the right pasengger door to the right signal lamp. The Mitsubishi Stom just smile with out any damage. Pity the driver, he get summon by the police traffic just for that accident after the investigation.

So, I do claim insurans for both cases. Two accident within 10 months of driving. Both not because of me. The 1st one cost abour RM6990.00 and the second one cause RM3153.00. That one does not include loss of use which cause about RM60 per day. The 1st one is 22 days which make it RM1320 and the 2nd one 18 days (RM1080.00). In total, my car claim about RM12543, just within one year of usage.

Its all cover by insurans company. Thats is good to have insurans. So be carefull when you are driving. Or else you got summon.

Same goes to you, if you have life insurances, all are covered by life insurances. But if you don't, better to look one personal insurances at least, or else its cover all by yourself. Or you'll be the one who suffer.

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