Saturday, January 03, 2009

Memories: Late night

This is always our place after 12.00pm. Subaidah. It was 6 of us at that time. Even they are our juniors, we are so close. Unfortunately Erna and Neng were not there at that time. These picture taken during our examination week on our final year. After looking at the notes, we decided to have supper at Subaidah. It was the famous mamak stall in Malacca. The taste of the food. Just ok even it was damn expensive to compare with malay stall.

Fie, Adi, Faizal, Me and Mai

Featuring the camera lady, Emy

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Adi Yuseri Md. Yusof said...

isk..isk... cane bleh ter sama plak baju dgn pejal...hehehe perasan tak gambar kita bertiga cam muda remaja jer kan... (aku, pejal, zapril)...yg lain2 maintain makcik :p