Monday, January 26, 2009

Love songs

If I say I wrote this song for you
Would you believe me?
It might not be well written
Or beautiful like other songs
I want you to know that a love song
Can’t be written if you’re not in love
But for you
I can write this song easily

You might have heard hundreds
Or thousands of love song
They might be meaningful
But the meaning is for anyone
When you listen to this song
It is only written for you
If you understand the meaning
We will be together, forever

Let it be the song on the way along
With only your and my voice
That we’ll be together for all time
Just like a verse that’s in the poem
“As long as you love, you still have hope”
Every time I see your love shining in my heart
I see my destiny

There are so many truths in our love
In the past, I spent to much time
Looking for the meaning of it
But now I know every time you are near
That if our life are a melody
And you are the lyrics
That makes my life meaningful
Then together we make beautiful music

(Taken from a movie)

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