Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Adik macam-macam

Ada tak orang dah mati nyanyikan lagu untuk orang yang masih hidup? Haha. Ada tau. Aku dah tengok. Seram sejuk. Ingat lagi Arfa. Atok dia baru meninggal and she just 2 years 8 days old. She start to realize everything surround her and learn how to speak.

Suddently she stare to the kitchen and...

Arfa: Atok.... (dengan gaya manja seorang anak bongsu)

My goodness, what the hell she was talking about? Where the hell she saw her atok. Afiq, Alya, Me and Risma was so surprise. Aina... hurm takde perasaan.

Afiq: Ha?!@#$%^&*

Alya: (with big open mouth). Adik, kau jangan macam-macam dik.

I try to act cool. So nobody will see how scared I am at that moment. So I came out with this question.

Me: Mana Atok Adik?

Arfa: Tu (With her finger pointing to the kitchen)

Thats happen on last Thursday (12th Jun 2008) between Asar and Maghrib. The night is Friday night. So scare isn’t it.

This morning before going to work I ask her again,

Me: Adik, mana adik nampak atok?

Arfa: Ane tu (Which mean ‘sana tu’ and her finger pointing to the same place which is kitchen).

I came out with a conclusion that her atok came and visit her immediate family to see what they do. Plus it’s a Friday night. Usually on Friday night, some soul came back to their immediate family to see what they do for her peace in alam barzakh (a place where everyone will be placed before the judgment day).

Kids ussually gift by God to see what is unseen by us. As they still young and suci. Unlike us. A lot of sins had been done. Hehehe.

Jangan biarkan hidup anda di selubungi misteri. Jadi, kita tengok dulu lagu orang dah mati nyanyikan untuk orang yang masih hidup. Kita layan je... zasttt...

P/s: Memohon maaf kepada pembaca sekiranya ada linangan airmata dari Warkah untuk Abah… Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal…

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