Sunday, June 01, 2008



I'm very happy today. I just received my offer letter to pursue my Master Degree. I'm so happy for that offer. Which I've been waiting for quit sometime. *Wink Wink*

I received 2 offer which memeningkan kepala hotak aku gak to choose which one I should choose (Memang konpem istikharah malam ni). So just tanak pening-peningkan kepala hotak aku

The 1st offer is Master in Innovation and Engineering Design (Coursework). I received this offer on 30th May 2008. Really terkejut beruk aku. Mana taknye, aku mana la ade konfiden yang aku akan dapat sambung blaja master. Dengan result yang teruk bangat masa kat MMU dulu. Keh keh keh.

The 2nd one is Master of Sceince Electronics Engineering (Research). I received this offer this morning. Lagi la terkejut beruk. This is what I really want to have. Hehe. Mesti aku bangga kalau ade Master in Engineering. Aku amek Master bukan sebab nak menunjuk-nunjuk. Tapi I want to end what I have started. I a degree holder. I must hold a Master Degree and Doctor of Philosophy.

Tapi pening gak. Mana yang aku patut buat. Aku kene reply to the university before 9th June 2008 and the registration date is 30th June 2008. Aiyak. Aku tak settlekan aku punye scholarship lagi. Haiya. takkan nak gamble jer kot sambung blaja.

Lupa plak nak bagi tau. I'll quit my job and I will do my study full time. But why. Engineer sound good. Have good pay. But I don't really have the heart to further my engineer job and be a senior engineer. Actually I just need to stay few more years to be a senior Engineer. Tough job. My soul not there. Hehe.

I want to be a lecturer. huhu. Thats why I want to further my Master Degree. jadi lecturer Best kot. So wish me luck for my Master Degree.

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c0rd said...

All the best in whatever option u will choose. Semoga berjaya dunia akhirat :D