Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Something Important

I have been thinking
How you will make it from now on?
But I believe so much that you can make it without me
Because you have so much love for one another
Even though sometimes it seems to be to much
That we end up hurting each other
But I believe as time goes by
We would all agree
That there is no such thing as ‘to much love’

Even if we made mistakes along the way
It’s better than never having tried to love and be love
Wouldn’t you agree?
Life always gives us opportunities to start over
After we learn from our mistakes
I hope you take these opportunities
And take good care of one another

Thank you for everything
I hope there’s a chance that
We will see each other again

(Taken from a movie)

1 comment:

emy said...

dah berpisah trus ker pakcik??