Saturday, April 05, 2008

Another Zain's family

What about him?




All those picture are the introduction. Just introduction for the latest posting from me. It has been a long time I've been so quite. Lately I'm so busy with my job (Aiyak... Hidup semakin bosan menjadi seorang Engineer).

This one is not a request. But it’s a trade. As promise to this young fellow that I will trade the posting with something that is really embarrassed me. Yeah, it’s not the way you talk, but it’s the way you choose your words. That is why it ends up to this posting.

His name is Shahrul Nizam bin Mohd Zain. Currently study at UUM Sintok campus, Kedah doing BIBM Hons. He is on his final year. He will be 23 years old.

We’ve known each other through friendster. I have a lot of friends from there. Damn, only now I realize that. Ok then. Let’s continue. He’s from Johor. Same as me but we are from different city. He’s from Johor Bahru and I’m from Batu Pahat. He is an urban city boy and I am a rempit kampung boy (can we say rempit?).

He really into Imran Ajmain - Seribu Tahun. He said, this song is really meaningfull to him. Sorry dude, its really meaningless to me. When the song play at any sources (either mp3 or radio) he will stop our conversation. With 3 minutes of silences (I think more than that), only then we start back our conversation.

We known each other less than 1 year and we never meet. We always contact through YM, Friendster and also sms. This is how we communicate. Lately we are busy with our stuff. But we know we always remember each other. Am I right friend?

What can I say about this young fellow. Can I say, He's malay with Chinese good looking guy, cute, handsome, pretty boy, skinny, jambu, metrosexual, fashionable etc. He told me that he bought boxers, one of it in pink colour, one of it with patrick (friend of spongebob) on it. Aiyak. Can accept aaa that kind of boxers. I never have one. Mine always plain one or macam kain alas meja. Wakakakak.

Muke dia ni nampak macam sombong. But don't worry, he was a really nice guy. Dia ni tersangatla pemalu sangat. Tp bile dah kenal. Ya Allah, banyak plak boraknye. Amin. Banyak cakap gak macam aku. Thats nice when we had a conversation. A lot of thing to talk about.

He still single. I know la. Dia ni jenis jual mahal sikit. hehehe. Dik jual murah sikit la. Jangan jual mahal sangat. Nanti tak laku plak. Siapa-siapa nak his number, you can contact me. I have it. But I need permission from the person itself first la yer.

Argh... I lost my word. dunno what to write. Aiyak. maybe its already late la. Think so. Sebab tuh kepala dah tak bleh nak pk. hohoho. So don't worry la. Lain kali ade bahan aku tulis lagi la shah ek... best gak jadi kejam sekali sekala. wkakakakka.

Anyway good luck for your future undertaking. Wish you all the best. Good luck for your final. take care.

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