Monday, April 28, 2008

GMBees Mengaum@Kg. Baru... 2nd runner up

On 27th April 2008, 9 of GMBees members participating in 9 a side football tournament organize by Texas Instrument. Haish. I cannot come to support them. I need to go to Penang for my best friend wedding. Anyway congratulation for the 2nd runner up. You prove that GMBees is not 2nd class team at Texas. We are going to be the champion in all event at Texas. Am I rite.

Team members
  • Ainul
  • Ajis
  • Am
  • Ayien
  • Capiq
  • Herul
  • Lang
  • Nordin
  • Topeq

p/s: Gambar herul takde... dia tukang amek gambar...

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