Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Breakfasting @ Nando's

Yesterday, me and my housemate decided to have our breakfasting outside. But never plan anything till we arrived at The Mines. After we survey some of the food stall, we've decided to have our breakfasting at Nando's. It's a grill chicken food place.

But I'm not really into Nando's chicken since its not really suite with my javanese taste. As I always put on my mind that the best grill chicken fast food was Kenny Rogers. The gravy was so damn good. There's no such of grill chicken fast food can compete with Kenny Rogers.

I had my breakfasting with Lemon and Herb. I don't like the peri-peri type or the sauce of perry, and when the ordered come, there's a label and the message behind. Maybe it some kind of marketing and joke. But for me, for a business, it was not good. That's from my point of view. Anyway, I've took some picture. So enjoy the picture taken dude.

The picture of Nando's

Me, Ajis, Malek, Zuhair and Baroq

My appetite

The drink

What the hell of this label message

Don't call me El-Zaffril if I'm not jumping while taking picture. Hahaha

Anyway, I really wanted to have a piece of Pizza for breakfasting. Any treats from you. Haha, just joking man. Anyway. Happy Hari Raya and have a good day.

Foot note: You still the one


sal isa said...

selamat hari raya abang....

farish sinclair said...

xabes2 jumping ahha robohh t

El-Zaffril said...

Sal: Selamat hari raya sal

El-Zaffril said...

Farish: Hahaha, takde maknenye nak roboh... nanti tengok aku melompat time raya... Hahahaha