Thursday, March 06, 2008

Miss S... aka Ms Salasiah Isa


I ask her either she want or not. At first she said don't want la. No need la. After she notice that I posted an article about her best friend Linda, she ask me to post out one. So macam orang mengantuk disorongkan bantal la. Memang teringin benar nak post pasal dia ni. hahahahahha

Her name is Salasiah Isa or as known as Sala at the campus. I don't know where I start to know her. I don't think she remember as well. First let me introduce herself. She's from Layang-Layang Kiri. Not sure where is it? Its at Perak. At a place called Parit. She's the 9 at the family out of 10. Her birthday is on April. Sorry, I really forgot. Lots of thing in my mind. She's around 150cm and her weight is 45kg. Hahahhaha

She's my good friend at MMU. With Fitri, Linda and Adi. She took the same course as Adi. Bachelor of Electronics Engineering Majoring in Telecommunication. Some of our subject are similar, so we took the same class on the similar subject.

How I know her. I'm not sure if she remember this, when I was in third trimester in my foundation year, I took a subject called Applied Math. So I have a test. On that test, I have no idea what it was. I really2 don't know. So I just go to the test. Suddenly on the exam hall, I sit beside Dayang Sri Kina and a girl who has a great smile and she seem very quite. Since my head really empty. So what I do is, I peep on other people paper who use to sit beside me and even in front of me include both of them. Finally I score 13 out of 25. Consider bad mark because of cheating. We have 2 test paper. On the second test I only score 10.5 out of 25. Consider bad because I'm still cheating. So its carry out 23.5 out of 50. I fail on the carry mark side. But in the final paper, I study very hard because of one girl (not Sala ok). So I really have an idea whats that subject all about. Final paper I score 46 out of 50. My great achievement. Add up with my carry mark equal to 69.5 and round up to be 70. So i got B+ on that subject. I feel very great full that day. Lets leave behind on my Applied Math subject.

Entered my first year on early third trimester. My best friend, Faizal stand with a girl at Central Lecture Complex. She's very sweet, cute. Thats my first impression. Then when me and Adi get back, we ask Faizal, "Siapa dia Faizal, awek yer? Kantoi, Bercinta tak bagitahu orang?". He replied, "Bukan la, tu makcik aku." We are so surprised, but we know Faizal never lies in this kind of thing. But what a small world Faizal and His untie study in the same place and they are at the same age (include us la same age).

On that trimester, I notice she have the same tutorial class with me. I still remember the subject, Intrumentation And Measurement Technique. Start from that I really notice she was engineering student.

Starting on that semester, we closed to each other. I mean me, Sala, Fitri, Adi, Ikha, Linda, Faizal. We go study together. We eat together. We are a small team. Just like Geng Bas Sekolah. What is similar on us, we always copy each other laboratory report and assignment. We have a lot of command thing in our mind. Thats why we became a real good friend until now.

I still remember when I'm all alone at the food court, I don't have buddy to be with and eat with. She accompany me just to make sure I eat. Maybe she so pity on me cause I'm so skinny at that time and because of my eating habit problem, she want to ensure that I eat proper. She's really sit there and wait for me. Really wanna cry to have a good friend like her. After we eat, we have a conversation. She want to know what happen between me and someone. I notice that she's a very good listener. After all of that, I feel really cool and also I feel more brave to face the reality. Thanks for being there for me when I'm really in need. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Am I right. Yang lain tuh jangan jeles plak aku puji Sala lebih2. Turn korang pun akan tibe. Betul tak?

On that trimester, I have a bad fever. I couldn't even woke up from my bed. I can't even eat anything. Sure I will vomit all the pieces that I eat. The bad thing was, it on the study week. I need to go study at that time. I realize one thing. Everytime near my examination, I will get a bad fever. In few years early, not all the year.

I have a lot of chapter need to read. I need to recover as soon as possible. So I can go study with all of my friend. Discuss every single thing that we understand and share with each other. But I am very weak to study. I can't even take care of myself. So what I just do, I sleep at home. read as I can, try to do what I can. At least I have an effort to do. If not definitely I will fail. So I stay at home and study while Faizal and Adi study with the rest at the library. Poor me.

In the afternoon, Faizal get back and give me something on a nice wrapping paper. I still remember it wrote my name. When I open it, it was 2 tablets of panadol. Huyooo, terharu seyh and there was a letter on it. Sorry I can't remember what on it. But what I remember it was from her called. Miss Salasiah. Huyooo, tibe-tibe rasa macam terjatuh cinta dengan kau plak. hahahahah. Sometimes I forgot about this and thanks a lot for a long lost memory.

I have an exam during my third year. I still remember the subject. Engineer and the society. When the exam end. A guy who use to sit behind me ask me, "Zaff, kau kenal tak budak pompuan tu?" and I notice that it was Sala, then I replied, "Oh, nama dia Sala." He replied, "Muka dia macam Lana dalam Smallville." Ceh, kalau kau dah suka tu cakap jer la suka. Nak samakan dengan Lana plak. Aiyo mamat ni poyo la. I'm not sure this guy still remember or not. In the afternoon, we go out and eat Pizza at US Pizza, Taman Bukit Beruang Indah. Nearby our university. Pity to that guy, if I were ask him to join us, sure he want. Terus je kat depan pintu US pizza tu. hahahha. Jahat sungguh aku. Last 2 years I read a blog. I think it belong to this guy, he really in love with this girl. Aiyo. Sala, kau baca tak blog tu? GB said, my name also in there, I search on yahoo but I couldn't reach it. Maybe he deleted it already. Chee sin.

I still remember where we hang out together and eat at McDonalds. So sweet, just both of us. Huyo, Skandal ke ape ni. Jangan gosip k, kami kawan jer. I still remember, I eat Big Mac and she eat McChicken. How sweet it is. Just both of us. Mesti kalau that guy yang tanye aku masa exam tuh tahu, mesti dia jeles gile. keh keh keh. Hey, Tadi aku tertengok frenster dia. Dia dah ade awek. Continue, so I realize one thing, she never againts me, she always follow what I said. This is good on her.

Start from 3rd year and her final year. We always study together. This is what we always do. We always help each other on our study. We encourage each other to perform better and better. We been closer and closer. hahahha. Pikir lain la tu. We are closer as a good friend la. Pompuan dengan laki takleh jadi good friend ker?

One night, we went out together. Huyooo malam plak tu. Aiyak... Three of us la. Bukan berdua. Me, Sala and Faizal. ('Berdua denganmu pasti lebih baik... lalalalala' - aiyo ape aku ngarut ni). So we all went out with Faizal's car. After all the night we study, we went out to eat ice blended. At midnight tu. (Gossip baik ni). If you want to know, the ice blended is so cheap and also it come in a huge size and the place is very nice. Hang Tuah Walk tu. Malam2 plak tu. Memang Romantik. Tapi nak romantik kebendanya. Bertiga. Keh keh keh.

So nak dijadikan cite la. Aku dengan Faizal are starving sangat, we haven't eat for all the night. So we order nasi lemak. Suddently, Hujan turun dengan lebatnye. Aku dengan Faizal berselera makan walaupun kene tempias hujan. Huyooo sedap tuh. Dah la lapar, makan nasi lemak. Hujan plak tu. Kene tempias lagi. Memang berselera la aku. Si minah ni bleh duk tengok and gelakkan kami makan. Aiyo makcik. Kesian la kami, kami lapar, Sebab tu la Makan tak hengat walaupun hujan. Lets get back to english. hehehehhe

She graduated before me. As I mention earlier I was an extended version. Hehehe. After that we only sms. Thats only how we can keep in touch.

Then she got a work at Kajang. Sometimes when I go down to KL, I met her. Just tanya khabar dan berbual kosong.

One day I send her back to Kajang, Huyooo. Panas2. Cerita panas ni. So we are really hungry after Maghrib prayer, so we decided to eat Satay Kajang. So we order 10 Pieces of chicken and 10 Pieces of meat. Pehtu aku makan la 10. Dia ni kecik jer. Makan sikit. Bleh tak aku paksa makan banyak2 macam aku gak. Kesian dia kekenyangan. Padahal makan 10 jer. Aku tengok dia makan tak larat. Suddently rasa bersalah plak. Aiyak... Sorry2. Lenkali aku tak buat lagi. Kalau kau tak larat aku tanak paksa2 k. After that tengok muka dia kesian sangat. Sebab kekenyangan. Hurm. Rasa bersalah sangat lepas tuh.

Last I saw her in Mid Valley last year with her boyfriend. But she didn't notice me. Its ok, thing around were not so important.

After 6 years of knowing her. Only now I notice that the person that I copy in the test was her as well. What a small world. I never though of that. Huh.

After knowing her for 6 years, I realize that she is very quite person, seldom talk. What I'm so proud of her, she can keep a secret. It was really save to tell a story on her. Other than that she's very kind person, easy to be friend, senang kata perempuan melayu terakhir. She like to eat KFC at fast food side. Other than that dia tak kisah. Janji kenyang kot.

Now she work at Kelantan as a Java developer. Sorry Sala, correct me if I'm wrong. Good luck for your career. Good luck for your future undertaking. Tak sabar nak datang Perak jemputan kawen kau ni.

Thanks a lot for being such a good friend. Thanks a lot for all the year I've been thru with you. Minta maaf atas semua kesilapan aku pada kau. Kata-kata yang menyakitkan. Perangai aku yang menjelekkan. Aku minta maaf semua dari hujung rambut sampai hujung kaki.

Linda cakap aku pernah bagi kau kek coklat. Aku pun dah lupe. Ade yer aku bagi. Ntah ler. Nanti aku cek balik buku resepi kalau aku reti buat kek coklat. Hope you feel happy with this post. I know a lot of thing I hide aside. I'm afraid somebody might hurt. So I keep it as my secret ok.

So better stop now and enjoy reading. Wassalam


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