Monday, March 03, 2008

Dr. Harniza binti Kosnan... Kisah Seorang Doctor


I have no idea what to post on my blog today. So I asked one of my friend what to post. So she suggest to post her name as the title.Such a good idea. I never though of that. Huhu So let me introduce to all of you about this young lady named Harniza. Harniza, this post specially dedicated for you my sis.

Harniza is the one in black kebaya (pretty isn't it). She is neither my girlfriend nor my wife. She is my junior when I was in primary school and also my teacher's daughter. She just like my sister. So sweet right. She still single and so available.

When she was in school, she is a very serious person. I'm scared with her even she was 2 years younger than me. She use to be a sprinter with my sister Natasah and I tell you what so command between Natasah and Harniza, both of them are Prefect, Sprinter, Brilliant and Tokoh Pelajar as well. I'm proud to both of you.

She scored straight A's on her UPSR. Pandai sungguh budak ni. After that she transfer to her secondary school, in Maahad Muar. From there, I never heard any story on her. Till last year, I saw her friendster and we start keep in touch and do contact each other. We had a lot of conversation (Command conversation as a friend).

We got to start all over again and as far as I'm concern, she will be 24 this year and her father tell her to get some guy to be the other half of her this year. Pity on her. Never mind niza, I'm still searching one for you.

She still study at Putra University of Malaysia in the field of Medic. She will be a doctor soon cause this semester is a final semester. Good luck young doctor.

About her attitude, she's a bit noughty, humble. Tapi sape tak kenal dia mesti cakap dia ni sombong. Tapi tak begitu sebenarnye. Kan kan

She just lost her Motorbike. Ex5. So sad. I know on the day she lost her motorbike because she knows that I'm an insurance agent and asked me the procedure to do claims. But don't worry Niza. I know you'll get the new one sooner. Pity on her.

Frankly speaking we never speak even a single word. I think we are just like stranger and just knowing each other. In fact she never smile to me in school. Funny right when we get close.

To Harniza, we'll be a good friend forever and ever. This path of this short life is still a long way to go. So Good luck for your future undertaking. Be brave cause you are big girl cause big girl don't cry. Aiyo, ape lah yang aku merepek ni.

I lost my word toward her. So better stop here or I'll get kill when she notice that some of the fact are wrong. Hahahha..

For all readers, I'll write for you if you request to me to write something on you. So I'll dedicate one post for you on each request. My English are getting worse. Aiyak, I need to speak in English. Somebody help me. with that. Wassalam


ecah said...

The latst FACT..that she's gonna be your other half...alhamdulillah..what a destiny =)

selamat bertunang El Zaffril + Harniza...

ecah said...

the FACT that she's gonna be your other half..she's gonna be your beloved wife..gud luck and all the best..selamat bertunang...

J.M.R said...

semoga terus berbahgia bersamanya..:-)