Sunday, March 02, 2008

Mencari Erti Cinta


To all my blog readers. Thank you very much for your support and I love you all. Today post is Mencari Erti Cinta, or in English, Finding the meaning of love. But this post doesn't include my love towards a person. It's just my life expectation this year.

Today I already fill in my master degree form. From 4 courses, I narrow it down to 2 only. I just apply for the course. If its rejected, I accept it as ketentuan (macam kak Ramlah Ram Punye lagu plak). But I think for the meant time, just think of settling all the form and all the application. Not thinking of rejection.

1st, I'm still interested to further my electronics. I want to study into deep further. Yesterday I've been discuss with the Faculty Of Engineering (Putra University of Malaysia) on the potential of my supervisor. The faculty advice are Dr. Maryam Mohd Isa, Dr. Mohd Nizar Hamidon, Mr. Nasri Sulaiman, Dr. Raja Mohd Kamil Raja Ahmad, Dr. Roslina Sidek and Dr. Syed Javaid Iqbal. I were ask to pick one of them because they are good in their areas. One of their advice is Mr. Nasri Sulaiman. Mr. Nasri just get back from Southampton, doing he's Master Degree there. He's looking for student who want to do their master degree on his supervision. But they said, he already got one on friday. I just came on saturday. Damn. I'm one day late. but I still interested to meet him to discuss further on his reasearch area.

Other than Mr. Nasri, I met Dr. Syed Javaid Iqbal. He is Paskitani and hold Doctor of Philosophy from Malaya University. I was really surprised yesterday when he can understand malay very well. But that is not the main purpose I met him. The purpose I met him was to discussed further on the area of his research. When we start our conversation, I know he is very kind and friendly. It is just my opinion, he must be one of the most popular lecturer in UPM. His area of research is regarding microcontroller and IC. So he tell me that he's handling a project with Mimos. Wow, such a huge company. Mimos provide a fund for him to develop on the software part. Damn, I really want that. I love semiconductor and all that. I want it. But he said. Full house already. huh. Lambat lagi. Aku ni semua lambat.

So nevermind, next step is to meet Mr. Nasri or other potential supervisor and discuss further on the research area. Study cost for about RM6150 for 2 years study and the distribution are
  • 1st semester RM1600
  • 2nd 3rd and final semesters RM1350
  • Thesis Exam RM500
Still can be consider cheap. It is not include my living expenses.

2nd, I'm considering of Master of Innovation and Engineering Design. This master is by course. I need to take subject, do assignment and no forget, exam. Hahahahah. I'm not sure I can make it or not. But never do, never know. I need to take 36 hours of credit and it cost for about RM13050 for 2 years. The distribution are

  • 1st semester RM1200
  • Subsequent semesters and final semester RM950
  • RM250 per credit hour
Huh, I don't have any idea how I'm gonna get that sum of money. I'm planning to apply Mara loan, or other education loan.

So this are the field of study that come on my mind and interest. Problem can be solve, I need to work harder and harder.


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Anonymous said...

dah wat decision ker?..pilih yg mana awk minat laa..pasal fees tuh awk leh mohon Skim Latihan Akademik Bumiputra (SLAB) under UPM..try arr tnya pasal scheme tuh...skang bnyk student wat master guna scheme tuh...

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nak sambung blaja ke?? gud luck!