Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year... New Life begin...

I was born in 1982. In a small village at Rengit, Batu Pahat. I cry at the time when i was born. You know why. I cry because I need to face everything that happen now. Thats where all my life started.

Time gone so fast. I feel like I still in primary school. Still play fool around. Still keep playing and enjoy everything. But its really meaningful. I never ever been hurt. Just hurt because of my mum. Her slap is good in teaching me at that time.

6 years gone just like that. I continue with my secondary school. Thats the time I start to know love, people that I can trust, people that can call a true friend. 5 years of suffer. Everything is damn great until one day someone blew up everything. I learn a lot and for that time I really hate my life at that moment. I really mean it.

The years of my secondary just pass. I entered university. Damn great university. People keep talking about it. Damn. Do my University that great. Maybe. 5 years of engineering courses. I found my first love which I will never forget. Even its just 1 semester, but it took two years to recover. I fail a lot of subject just because of a girl. Its true that no women no cry. The first crush that I will never forget. I start to know who can be my real friend. My last 3 years is the most precious moment on my campus life. I wish i could turn back time and be there and taste the happiness once again.

Now Everything just pass. Twenty five years of Excellent, Success, Happiness, Sadness, etc.

My 1st day of 2007 start with happiness. I wish I could be happy and taste the short life. I meet new friend. But I'm not sure they can be true friend or not. Let time decide. Actually I don't trust anybody. Thats me.

I go to Mid Valley. For the 1st time in my life I bought planner. HSE Executive on the way. I should prepare everything. Huhu.

For all visistor, I wish all of you Happy New Year, My this New Year Bring Joy and Happiness to all of you. May Allah bless me and all of you. Amin.


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