Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The 2nd Day of New Year

This is the second day of new year. Damn great New Year. I feel much happier than before. I feel more matured. But I don't have much time.

One of my really good friend, Faizal send me one sms. The sms wrote "Allah answers your prayer in 3 ways, He say Yes and give you what you want, He say No and give you something better and He say wait and give you the best on He's own time."

Last year, I want a lot of thing from Him. Some of it I need to wait. Some I already get It. Some of it I just need to say "Thank you for listening my prayer." He got a lot of prayer to listen. I'm glad He listened mine.

I don't have any plan today. Tomorrow need to start work. New year. Huh. I have a lot of thing to do this year. Change my career, Buy my first own car. I think thats enough for this year.

Married? What? I'm not ready yet for that one. Give me another two years readers. A lot of thing to be done. A lot of thing need to settle. Plus, I'm still single.


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