Wednesday, January 03, 2007

1st day work on new year

As usual. I go to work at 9.00am today. Damn bored. Doing something u know, but u don't like. It's like eating something you wish not to. Huh, being a programmer is a nightmare for me. Hope it will be over as soon as possible.

Became worse when my company refuse to pay last month salary. Damn. I hate this kind of people. If they need you, they force to do it. When the time they want to pay the salary, they delay everything.

I always pray one day I get another good job. I always bear in mind. People cannot be trusted. Theres a liar everywhere. Argh! I hate liar. If i could kill liar, I'll kill more than 10 people I guess.

What a bad start. Hope it will be over as soon as possible. I receive another sms from my friend, I want to share with you. "Life is like roads we travel. Some are smooth, Some are rough and some I'd rather forget. But there is one road I won't regret. The road we met and we become friend."


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