Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Rumour

I hate rumour. I don't know why I'll be talked by all the people. Hate this on. When I come to work, what I want to do just work.

Yesterday I had a discussion with Roseline regarding her appearance. She just use one earing on her left side of her ear. So I tell her, "Why you wear only one side?" She answer, "I'm so lazy to wear both side la." Then I ask her, "When you want to wear some girly thing, like fancy earing, Skirts, or baju kurung?" Because her earing just simple and small. Then she lough out loud and say "Never. When I turn to be a young women, I only wear slack and jeans." Our discussion about girly stuff end there.

Roseline left, Then Shanti came and ask me, "What you tell her?" I replied, " No lah, i just ask her to wear some girly stuff." Then Roseline came, "You want to know Shanti, This year he don't want to have any girlfriend." Then I continued, "I just want to found better carreer and by a car and that is Vios." Then Shanti answer, "I heard rumours saying that you where chasing a girl from building one." Cause we are in building three. "You heard that from who?" Then she answer back, "I know la, somebody told me."

Damn it, I never know any girl from that building. When I came to work I only sit in front of the computer without seeing any person. My computer is so far away from people. I only went out it break time or I need to go to toilet. I only go to building one when it come to lunch break time. Else, I will only sit in front of my machine. The worse I have a discussion with the accesories guy. Or my friend Faredi. I don't know how the rumour separated. Even its a rumours, its give me a bad name at TI. Huh, though this year will be my clean year. No rumours. But all started. Maybe she's like me. Just meet me la and tell me the truth. So I can considered everything.

No it can't be. This year no girl. Sorry, wait for 2008 dear. Ahaks. Anyway, to all readers, beware, even you live far away from people, there still a rumours on you.


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