Friday, October 02, 2015

Jepun Osaka Chapter 3: HIDA Scholarship Program

Somebody ask me, this is what scholarship program? I can't tell much because I really don't know what it's all about. But it is call Human Development and Industrial Development Association (HIDA) program. It is currently conducted by The Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship (AOTS).

The simple way to explain is, it is a scholarship program funded by the Japan Government to help the establishment of their local companies

that expanding overseas, especially developing countries. This were to help developing countries local human resources to enhance their skills in Japan. Instead of the company bear all the cost, the Japanese tax payer do it for us.

So how to enter or how they made their selection. It is simple. Just go for an interview for the post by Japanese company that offering this kind of scholarship. Like I did. Anyway, I don't know the position that been offered to me was a scholarship program. So it is all about rezeki. Aside from my company, AEON is offering their management trainees for this scholarship program. Other Japanese company in Malaysia, I'm not pretty sure.

Duration? Depend on your company. For AEON, they send for 6 months. 1 company from Thailand send their associates for 3 years. My case, still hanging on the duration, but I'm going back Malaysia on March16, but my Visa is valid until September16. Still pending on my training after March. (Kalau dia suruh sambung for good pun Abam redha je. Hangkut anak bini sekali la)

Best of luck! Abam nak sambung study. Esok ade kelas...

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