Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Enol@Niggah


Lama dah tak bercerita. Senyap sunyi rasanya my blog takde kisah terbaru. Neither my story nor GMBees, I never update. Sorry dude. I don't have time. Plus Texas already cut my internet access in my office. Damn kedekut. But its ok. So I can focus on doing my job. A lot of thing to be done in the office.

Today is Enol birthday. Happy 27th birthday to you Niggah. May Allah bless you. Keep smiling. Jangan keje muka ketat jer. Tak pun bile gurau sikit touching. Aiyak. Tak ape la Enol. Even though they keep saying that you are niggah, maybe you are not strong as Hang Tuah or maybe handsome like Brad Pitt but I know you are special on your own way. That's what I keep telling myself when people always kutuk me for what I am now.

So tonight there will be a futsal game with all GMBees members. I attend for the 3rd time. Huh, I really cannot commit while doing 2 jobs. As an engineer and as an insurance agent. But sooner I know I have to choose 1. Cause I'm going to further my master degree. Really soon. Hope I got more time.

Sorry all. I'm late. There's a surprise for Enol tonight. I can't wait. Everything is in my car. Soon will upload My Vi the Sedan Version which is mine. Hehehe. Ok wait for my My Vi. Till then. Happy futalling.

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