Friday, May 30, 2008

Farewell: Latip Meninggalkan TI dan GMBees

Hari ni last day latip keje. Just 4 month working at TI and 4 month with GMBees. He left TI with a lot of reason. Yer ker latip. Yeah, I'm one his good friend, so he said he want to pursue his study to master degree. For sure engineering at UPM. He want to be a lecturer. I wish I had that opportunity as well. But not at the moment. Good luck for your future undertaking buddy.

We will celebrate the farewell with paintball on 6th June 2008 and follow by karaoke session with all GMBees at the night. All GMbees member are invited to the farewell. Prepare for trouble and make it double. Sparta... Aum... Lets the war begin.

These are last few minutes before he left TI. Some picture take with some GMBees. Some of them busy with their job. Unlike me. (Laugh)
From left: Me, Boy, Fared, Latep, Enol and Topek

From left: Me, Fared, Herol, Latep, Enol, Topek

P/s: Layan lah aksi macho dan ghairah si Herol. Nak komen sikit. Awat korek hidung enol?

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