Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday Saturday Saturday


Today is saturday. I have no idea what to do. If I go to work, damn. so bored. I think much more better I sleep at home and get some rest. and you want to know what happen to these few day.

On that Wednesday morning, I went to the Insurance office at PJ. As usual, I'm doing dial for appointment through the whole week. I need to do this as my routine so I can built up my client based as soon as possible and I can do servicing as well.

On the afternoon. I went back to my hometown. Really tiring for a long journey. Then on the next day, I'm heading back to KL. Send my sister to KLIA. Miss her so much. Hahaha

yesterday I got interview at PJ. I don't really think I want that job. Really stress. The MD is so bad. Hahaha. Never mind, I look for another one.

Well. Today, Don't even know what to do. Maybe go shopping. Even no money. hahahha. So lets go window shopping.

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