Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hidup Tanpa Cinta Umpama Hidup Tanpa Cita-Cita


Huyooo. Tiba-tiba pagi ni keluar topic macam ni plak. Any idea on this topic. I got this from one of my senior in MMU, Mr. Azlan. This quote belong to him actually. And I think this is really good topic to discuss about.

Don't know where to start. Suddently rasa geli geleman seluruh badan nak discuss pasal benda jiwang2 ni. Better to tell story all about me. Today is 26, I haven't finish all my job for this month. Damn, late already. I shoulh finish all my stuff before this Friday, not sure wether I can make it or not.

Hurm... Blog ni tak punye arah dan hala tuju lagi... so I'm sorry to all viewer. Recent topic is so bad. Give me some idea please so I can start work out on something.

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