Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Things to Achieve

I have tons and tons of things to accomplish this year. For some reason, I need to filter off few thing to ensure that the job done.
No need to highlight last year achievement. But then I always proud of being me for pass 31years and half.
I aim to complete 10km within 40min. Something that almost impossible for an old man like me. Hopefully the determination is there and full of hardwork require.
Thank you for all your support.


kak ina kl said...

apa khabar sekarang ni
akak sekarang dah berhijrah ke miri sarawak
nanti nak gi singapore leh akak tanya kamu yer

juls julie said...


fuhhhhhhh..segan lak nak komen lam blog org yg pemes sampai follower 200+++ org nihhh....

k baiii... hahah