Sunday, June 04, 2006

Muhammad Al-Husyan - Mawlay

Tadi surf internet, Tiba-tiba terjumpa ayat ni... sebenarnye ini lagi nasyid... El teruja mendenarnye...


My pray and greet always..
Upon your beloved...the best among all humans
Muhammad...the master of both worlds
and both teams of arabs and non-arabs

You, Muhammad...
You have been hurt and bothered in Allah sake..
You never lost and gave up
And now (until) Islam Ummah (population) is in the Star
You traveled from one place to another..
As the moon travels in the dark
And you continued to rise until you gain a high position

pergh... memang best la... ingat nak on jer komputer... pastu dengar lagu ni sambil tido... rasa aman jer tido El...

Sesiapa yang nak lagu tuh... bleh msg El kat YM! khakis_19, Nanti El send ok... tapi kene tengok situasi.huhu

Best Regard


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